Two hands reaching into a bowl of Cheddar Cheesy Smiles.Two hands reaching into a bowl of Cheddar Cheesy Smiles.

A+ for easy snacks

If we know one thing — it’s that you never grow out of snack time! Which is why we’re hoppy to share some of our favorite, tastiest treats for every occasion, as well as savory snacks that are safe to serve to little ones with unique dietary guidelines.

White bowl of Cheddar Bunny Snack Mix recipe on a table.

Annie’s for all occasions

Whatever the season, event, or celebration, there’s an Annie’s product that perfectly pairs with it.

Small child smiling with Annie's Organic Dipped Granola Bar Caramel front of package.

School event

Organic Dipped Granola Bars

No school event is complete without our Organic Dipped Granola Bars. Easy to eat and made in an entirely peanut-free facility, this is one bar full of goodness (and a yummy chocolate chip center!) that won’t disappoint.

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Game time

Small wooden plate with Annie's Fruit Snacks, round crackers, white and marbled cheese slices.

Organic Snack Variety Pack

Whether it’s pregame or postgame, our Organic Snack Variety Pack has a tasty assortment of snacks that come in perfectly portable pouches, so there’s a little something for every Annie’s athlete.

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Close up photos of a recipe using Annie's Fruit Snacks.

Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks

Almost too cute to eat, our Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks come in handy on-the-go packs and are the epitome of yumminess, in bite-sized little bunnies.

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Birthday party

Snack-sized pieces of celery with peanut butter and Annie's Cheddar Bunnies on a table.

Organic Birthday Cake Bunny Grahams

Our Organic Birthday Cake Bunny Grahams take the cake! These sweet and satisfying snacks are perfect for sharing and full of bright, colorful sprinkles.

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Annie's Real Aged Cheddar Microwavable Mac & Cheese in a white bowl with grapes and front of package lying on a table.

Yummy Bunnies & Cheddar Shapes Microwavable Mac & Cheese Cups

Add some more cheesy goodness to your celebration with our Yummy Bunnies & Cheddar Shapes Microwavable Mac & Cheese Cups.

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Four opened snack packages partially showing Annie's Fruit Tape and some Annie's Fruit Snacks sprinkled around.

Organic Fruit Tape Variety Pack

What better way to kick off a party than with food made for play? Annie’s Organic Fruit Tape Variety Pack has different flavors of Really Peely Fruit Tape that take tasty fun to a new level.

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Black bowl of Annie's Cheddar Cheesy Smiles in a bowl on a white table.

Organic Cheddar Cheesy Smile Puffs

With a crunch and some cheese, our Organic Cheddar Cheesy Smile Puffs are sure to please. These organic delights are a truly delightful addition to the night’s festivities!

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Four Annie's Mini Pizza Bagels on a blue plate with some school supplies showing.

Uncured Pepperoni Mini Pizza Bagels

Add some more cheesy goodness to your celebration with our Yummy Bunnies & Cheddar Shapes Microwavable Mac & Cheese Cups.

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A freshly baked Annie's Organic Cinnamon Roll on a green plate with frosting on a butter knife and more Cinnamon Rolls in the background.

Organic Cinnamon Rolls

Our ready-to-bake Organic Cinnamon Rolls come with sweet old-fashioned icing, guaranteeing that each little one in the burrow wakes up on the right side of the bed.

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Dietary restrictions = fresh food opportunities

The words “dietary restrictions” don’t sound very fun, which is why we prefer to think of them as new, fresh food opportunities. Whether there’s a little one with an allergy or another with a special food preference, we’re here with plenty of products to make sure no one’s left without a yummy treat.

Annie's Gluten Free Double Chocolate Chip Granola Bar lying on a table with grapes, a cup of milk, a blue napkin and some flashcards on a wood table.


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Green bowl with Annie's snack mix and two smaller bowls of snack mix on polka dot napkins on a table.


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Do you have a favorite Annie’s snackity snack or cheesy mac? We would love to hear all about it! Please hop online and share your go-to treat with us @AnniesHomegrown.