Illustration of veggies with arms and legs on a hill with a couple Annie's Cheddar Crackers and text that says, "Let's grow together".Illustration of veggies with arms and legs on a hill with a couple Annie's Cheddar Crackers and text that says, "Let's grow together".

Hop to it: Gardening with kids

Is your kid excited about spring? The talk around Annie’s is that it’s going to be a fun one! If you’re looking for tips and tricks to keep your kiddo entertained and happy, we’re here for you. Explore our activity and fun facts below.

A little girl wearing a purple Annie's t-shirt, kneeling next to a garden of strawberries.

Kiddo's first indoor garden

Indoor gardens are a great way to keep your kid engaged with a wholesome activity during springtime. They'll love watching the healthy greens grow just as much as you love watching them develop. Caring for a garden within your home is easy. You just need access to bountiful sun, fresh water, healthy soil, and most importantly — seeds for vegetables your kid loves to eat (so nothing goes to waste). You'll be cultivating a good time with your little one in no time.

Plan your plants

The easiest way to get your indoor garden set up for success is by using “starter plants” from the very beginning. While you will miss out on the excitement of seeing a seedling grow into its own, a plant that got a head start at a nursery could be a more approachable option compared with using seeds alone.

Two pre-teen girls laughing, while one pushes the other in a wheelbarrow.

Herbs for the home

Sage, thyme, rosemary, marjoram, lavender, and oregano are all excellent herbs that you can easily grow from seed or find as a starter plant at your local supermarket. While they are not a meal by themselves, with some creative thinking, they make for great toppings on your little one’s meals.

Seed to snack: Attainable sustainability

Like you, we understand that if you put good in, you get good out. It’s why we only use the best ingredients in our mac and snackity--snacksy our growing kiddo deserves nothing less. The only way we can achieve the quality of ingredients that you need is by working closely with our farmers, ensuring they cultivate only the best natural version of their crop, as nature always intended.

Close up of golden wheat.

Wheat & oats

We prioritize our partnerships with the smart folks who grow organic wheat to ensure you have options when it comes to your little one’s snack time. When you see an organic product offering from us, it means there were no genetically modified organisms (GMOs), or pesticides used in the cultivation of the ingredients for those tasty snacks.

A man wearing a t-shirt with the text "Organic", carrying sugar cane stalks on his shoulder.

Sugar cane

If you ask other great parents like you, they’d probably agree it’s pretty sweet that 99% of our sugarcane is Certified Organic.

A pile of cacao pods lying next to a bowl of cocoa nibs.


We’re passionate about the cacao farmers we collaborate with. The wholesome relationships we’ve fostered has allowed us to source some really delicious, seriously scrumptious ingredients. In fact, 99% of our cacao is certified organic and more than 99% is certified by Fairtrade International, Fair Trade USA, or Fair for Life.

Palm being harvested from a grove of palm trees.

Palm oil

Every parent takes pride in the food they serve their child. We feel no different. It’s why we’re proud to verify that 100% of the palm oil used in our products meets the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil standard and that more than 99% of our palm oil is Certified Organic.

A happy cow standing in a green field with more cows in the distance.

Dairy, eggs and meat

The welfare of our partners and their animals is always top of mind. It's why we prioritize working with dairy cooperatives and family farmer groups like Organic Valley for our organic offerings. We also ensure that all our eggs are cage-free, and all meat is produced without any added hormones or sub-therapeutic use of antibiotics.

Two farmers checking wheat in their field.

Growing alongside our farmers

We can all make the world a better place to live. Around here, caring about agriculture is the only way we can flourish alongside the families we exist to nurture. Like your kid’s first baby steps, we’re making great leaps forward to improve our regenerative farming principles year after year — one small step at a time.

Are you excited to start your own indoor garden? Did you and your little one learn something new? Do you have your own tips that you think will help other parents make the most of spring? We’d love to hear from you and any tips you might have — tag us @AnniesHomegrown to help our community grow better together.