Annie's "How many of each can you find' coloring activity sheet with a box of Honest wipes and a single bag of Annies "Bees, Bugs & Butterflies" Fruit Snacks.

Count the Bees, Bunnies & Trees with Honest & Annie’s

Print your coloring game here

We’re hoppy to announce that we’ve teamed up with new friends at Honest to bring you and your littles a fresh, unique, and fun coloring sheet! Plus — because Honest and Annie’s both believe that every activity is an opportunity to learn — this coloring sheet encourages your kiddo to count along as they color each new friend. Time to grab your favorite coloring utensils from the burrow, sit down with your little one and get started!


  • Our printable coloring page
  • Colored pencils or crayons


  1. Click the button above to print your own coloring page.
  2. Color each playful nature pal with colored pencils or crayons.
  3. Count while you color to see how many bunnies, frogs, clouds, suns, bumblebees, and plants you can find!