Clean water, healthy soil, and healthy farms for everybunny

Print your coloring page here

Does your little one have an appetite for fun? Our friends at the Rodale Institute have just the thing — two engaging coloring sheets for your kiddo. We’re a big supporter of everything they do to promote clean water, healthy soil, and healthy farms — all so farmers can cultivate better food for your kid.

Hop to it and visit, a Rodale Institute program we support, to learn more, and join us by taking the Grow Clean Water pledge today.


  • Our printable coloring sheets
  • Colored pencils or crayons
  • Your little one and their appetite for fun
  • Annie’s Cheese Cracker with Hidden Veggies


  1. Click the button above to print your own coloring sheets.
  2. Learn how clean water and healthy soil help farmers grow healthy food for your kiddo.
  3. Enjoy some Annie’s snackity snacks with your little one.
  4. Find out more at, and take the Grow Clean Water pledge to get a free children's activity book (available to U.S. residents only).
  5. Display each completed sheet on the fridge to celebrate your kid’s job well done!