When you eat organic food, you are caring not only for your family’s health and wellness, but that of the planet and everybody on it. We each play a role. Together, we’re making an impact.

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To organic

We focus on organic ingredients because we believe they’re better for you and for farmers, animals, and the environment. Certified Organic always means non-GMO, avoiding toxic, persistent pesticides, and so much more. Fewer chemicals in our soils, water, food and air benefits us all. Learn more >

The foods your kids love to eat

More organic acres enhancing soil, water and biodiversity

When more people demand organic food, more land is made organic. It’s a virtuous cycle that keeps soil and water healthy for us, the land, and the farmers. Learn more >

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A healthy future for the planet

Organic farming practices can help mitigate impacts from climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and sequestering carbon in the soil. Learn more >

Kids to learn about real food

A more sustainable food system

We support students with school gardens and scholarships for those transforming agriculture with more sustainable practices that benefit us all. Learn more >

We’re cultivating a healthier world for you and your family, farmers and animals, and the planet at large when we grow more organic.