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Two Rivers School

Two Rivers School

Organization:  Two Rivers School

Two Rivers School has plans to integrate a school garden into several science classes to provide students with real experiences in planning, designing, maintaining, harvesting and properly storing fresh produce. The school has already begun executing their plan by building a worm bin, visiting a biodynamic CSA farm and conducting soil quality investigations. Two Rivers also has plans to install several raised beds for winter and summer crops. The produce will be used by the school’s culinary program and donated to a local food bank frequented often by their students.

All food scraps and plant debris will be composted and used in maintaining and nurturing the garden. Since previous soil tests confirmed a need for improved soil fertility, students will monitor quality levels, execute soil conservation practices and compost routinely. Students will study plant life cycles and incorporate seed saving into their seasonal regiment. Furthermore, students will study no-till methods and investigate the soil biome to build a rich micro-ecosystem of their own. Students will use previously collected yogurt containers as planters and place native plants as protective borders around the garden.

Two River’s culinary program and leadership class are both working to build a healthy school community by planning all school lunches and “Family Night” dinners. Students are excited to use produce from the garden at these functions in the near future. The school also plans to serve soups, fresh breads, fruits and vegetables on a seasonal basis. The faculty is thrilled for students to have the opportunity to learn firsthand what seasonal eating actually entails, as students will harvest varietals throughout the year, learning how to cook and prepare foods with which they were previously unfamiliar. Two Rivers plans to utilize local partners and community members when sourcing materials for their garden ensues.