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Hannigan School

Hannigan School

Organization: Hannigan School

In 2012, Hannigan Elementary school became part of Grow Education (a local program helping public schools in New Bedford establish school gardens), fostering their propensity for sustainable school practices. In recent weeks, ten Hannigan teachers participated in a summer retreat to brainstorm and implement garden plans of their own. While Hannigan already has a small community garden located behind their school building, their new plan is to revamp and expand it.  

The garden will used by every classroom to teach a variety of lessons around sustainability and science.  Each class will germinate seeds, bring them to sprout and transplant them outside in raised beds as a community. Lessons on nutrition will be incorporated throughout the process.

The garden will be a place for students to grow and harvest produce of their own, which they will later cook and prepare with their own families. During a recent student-parent garden brainstorming night, parents and students alike were excited to add homegrown veggies to their grocery lists, as organic vegetables are often too expensive for families to afford. The expanded garden will provide an incredible opportunity for Hannigan families to afford and consume organic offerings of their own.