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Cony School

Cony School

Organization:  Cony School

Cony is a combined middle and high school that has committed to creating healthier school environment as well as increasing agricultural and sustainable food learning opportunities for staff and students. A garden would be used for hands-on nutrition lessons in Brenda Weiss’ middle school health classes and germination experiments in 7th grade biology. It would also create an opportunity to do cafeteria-wide tastings with fresh produce, currently a goal of Nutrition Director Sarah Platt.

The garden will be used by the Augusta Area Boys & Girls Club for Teens in the summer, with weekly classes on sustainable gardening for healthy food production led by FoodCorps Service Member Andrea Snow, and Director of Programming Darren Joyce of the Boys & Girls Club. During the school year, biology, health and outdoor education teachers have all committed to using the garden for integrating their subjects with garden learning.

The garden will be a center piece of the health classes taught by Brenda Weiss. She is a hero for local foods, and her classes will benefit from hands-on garden activities to encourage healthy eating. Nutrition Director Sarah Platt is also committed to increasing local healthy food access in the cafeteria. The FoodCorps Service Member will be able to create cafeteria events featuring garden produce for all of the students. 

Funds will be used to buy lumber to create 2 beds ($200), soil to fill them ($120), shovels ($100), trowels ($50) and a hose ($30).