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Grants for Gardens Application FAQ

Key Dates

  • The application period for 2020 will open August 12th and will close November 2nd 2020.
  • Winners will be selected and notified in January 2021. Due to the small size of our team, we do not notify applicants who haven’t been selected to receive a grant.
  • Winning schools’ funds will be administered and delivered by the end of February 2021. Funds will be administered and distributed by our community foundation partner.


Who can apply for Annie’s school garden grants?

The school garden must be an edible school garden (growing fruits, vegetables, herbs, grains, etc) and be located in the USA.

The following types of organizations are eligible to apply:

  • Public Schools
  • Public Charter Schools
  • Private schools with 501c3 non-profit status
  • Private charter schools 501c3 non-profit status (US)
  • 501c3 or charity non-profit organizations supporting a garden at a public or a non-profit private school
  • School districts supporting a garden at a public or a non-profit private school

Can preschools apply for a grant?

Unfortunately, preschools are ineligible for this grant.

Can homeschools apply for a grant?

Unfortunately, home schools are ineligible for this grant.

My school has received a grant from another organization, are we still eligible?

Yes. Recipients of other funding are still eligible to apply to Annie’s Grants for Gardens program


Are there financial reporting requirements for the grant? Does Annie’s require a report from our finance department?

Annie’s does not require financial reporting from recipients.

Do I need to submit receipts to Annie’s for each purchase?

No—schools are not required to submit receipts from garden purchases to Annie’s. Grant winners should retain their own copies of receipts for the school’s records and should be able to show proof of funds spent if requested by the school principal, accountant, or school board.

Can the funds be sent directly to a parent or after-school garden coordinator instead of the school?

Funds cannot be sent directly to individuals.

Can my school use these funds to purchase anything related to the garden?

Yes, as long as it’s being purchased for an edible garden (growing fruits, vegetables, herbs, grains, etc.)– schools can purchase any equipment appropriate for the garden with the grant funds, such as plants, seeds, raised beds, fencing, wheelbarrows, greenhouses, and drip irrigation systems.

Can I use the grant funds for landscaping?

No, the grant funds must be used for edible gardens to which children have regular access.

Can my school save some of the grant funds to spend in the future years?

Yes, absolutely—schools are not required to use the funds within a specific time period. You do not need permission from Annie’s to hold some funds for future years.

If selected to receive a grant, when will we receive funds?

Funds will be delivered by end of February 2021 by our community foundation partner. All questions regarding funds should be directed to our partner.

What if I don’t receive the email notifying me that my school was chosen to receive a grant?

Annie’s will make three good-faith attempts to notify each winner that his/her school has been selected, including emailing and calling the number you’ve provided. If the winner does not respond by the deadline, an alternate winner will be chosen. Please check the email address provided in your application frequently during the notification period (including checking your spam filter). Every year we have at least one winning applicant who doesn’t respond to our repeated contact attempts – we’d hate for that to be you! If you think you’ll be unavailable for contact during the notification period, make sure to provide an alternate email address in your application so we can try to reach an alternate contact at your school who is aware of the grant application details.

Application Details

What’s the best way to save a copy of my application?

Because it’s not possible to save a copy of your application responses and return to them later, we highly recommend downloading a blank copy of the full application (Word doc) and saving your responses as a document on your PC or Mac. You can copy in your responses to the online application once you are ready to submit. We do not recommend filling out this application on a mobile device.

Can I apply by emailing you this Word document?

Please do not email your application; we can only accept online submissions through the form. If you’re having technical troubles, please make sure your web browser is up-to-date and that you have a good internet connection.

What if I have additional info I want to share about our garden plan?

Once an application is submitted, answers cannot be amended or changed. In order to be fair to all applicants, any emails sent to Annie’s will not be considered as additional information for an application.

Can I request an update on my application status?

No—because we are a small but mighty team, Annie’s is not able to respond to inquiries regarding applications or the winner selection process.

Tips for a Successful Grant Application

Top applicants tell us as much as possible about their garden plans. The details provided in the grant application help us to understand your school’s needs and vision for the garden.

Please consider the following prompts as helpful starting points when drafting the application. It’s absolutely fine if the answer is “no” to some of these questions; this won’t harm your chances of receiving a grant!


  • Who will design the garden?
  • Who will choose the plants that your school will grow?
  • What is the purpose of your garden?
  • How will you handle pests in your garden?
  • What will you do with the produce from your garden?


  • Will the garden be integrated into your curriculum? If so, will you use an existing curriculum or will you write your own curriculum?
  • Do you have any gardening education currently in place for your school?
  • Will you incorporate the garden into a nutrition class?
  • Will students spend time in the garden during school hours or will it be an optional after-school activity?
  • Will your garden be used for all grade levels or will one particular grade be prioritized?

Logistical Details

  • Who will be responsible for the garden in future years?
  • Who will tend to your garden over the summer?
  • What else should we know about your garden plans?
  • How will your funds be used? A simple but detailed budget is very helpful for your application.

Contact Us

Still have questions about the application?

You can reach via our contact page. Please note the business hours on the contact form. There can be a delay in response time during peak periods, so please submit your questions as early as possible so that we can respond to you before the deadline.

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