Glendale Acres Elementary School - Annie's Homegrown
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Glendale Acres Elementary School

Glendale Acres Elementary School

Organization: Glendale Acres Elementary School (Communication/Foreign Language Academy)

Glendale Acres: Celebrating Earth Week

Deborah at Glendale Acres Elementary told us that due to a lack of funding, they  would be unable to continue their flowers and vegetable garden program without some help.  “Our gardens sat empty this year until we received the Annie’s grant so we are extremely grateful for this opportunity.”  240 students from kindergarten to second grade classrooms gardened in four plots and several containers, getting started with plants such as begonias, rye grass, and sweet potato vines.  With the help of teachers,staff, parents, and other community members, students at Glendale Acres planted during their Earth Week celebration.  Taking these lessons from the classroom to their homes, students also planted rye grass in peat pots to take home and share with their families.

Deborah tells us that the garden was a great way to provide the hands-on experience for younger students’ education, alongside meeting North Carolina state standard goals: “conducting investigations and making observations to build an understanding of the needs of living organisms (investigate the needs of a variety of different plants:  air, water, light, and space).”

Students at Glendale Acres also drew and wrote about the gardens in their journals.  What things would you keep in your garden journal?  Here are a few ideas:

  • press flowers and leaves to make a handy guide to compare plants and identify different plant parts
  • keep a log of measurements tracking plants’ growth
  • record the dates when seeds were planted, sprouts appeared, flowers bloomed, and veggies were harvested

“Annie’s grant was a real blessing because it allowed us to purchase plants for the gardens.”