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Denver Green School

Denver Green School

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Denver Green School: Dirt Into Abundance

As a school built around the idea of sustainability, Denver Green School immediately embraced a garden program as a way to learn “about stewardship of the earth, that with patience and care they have the power to transform dirt into abundance.”  They tell us, “The garden is not an afterthought in the development of the school; it is at the heart of the school.”  While younger students learn “that plants start from seeds, develop roots, then stem, leaves, flowers, fruit and from the fruit, seeds again”, middle school students consider their garden in the context of politics and the processes of food production.  Just as important, the folks at Denver Green School tell us a garden also teaches students about “self-confidence and the satisfaction of a job well done.” Denver community members are excited to get their hands in the dirt too!  We’re told that “this year so many people wanted plots in the community garden that new plots had to be created. We now have 20 community gardeners cultivating 16 plots within the 20,000 square foot area.”

Garden fever is contagious! 

Parents, students, families and friends have shown their commitment with countless volunteer hours to help make the garden beautiful and abundant.


The garden is an endless and evolving learning tool for our students.