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Brown Elementary School

Brown Elementary School

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Brown Elementary School: From Seed to Table

Alex, a FoodCorps volunteer managing the garden at Brown Elementary School in Jackson, Mississippi told us that healthy eating was the focus of their garden.  210 students tended to their class gardens, which included strawberry and blueberry plants and used water from a rainwater collection system.  Parents and community members also came out to help.   Alex told us, “Our focus was on expanding students’ knowledge of different foods. Our community has high rates of diet related diseases and our focus was on beginning to curtail this. Students learned about new foods, saw different plants grow and then got to taste them. Our hope is that our students become excited about eating different fruits and vegetables and make healthy eating choices as they mature.”  On the last week of school, students got to taste the fruits of their labor as a chef prepared a salad using produce from the garden.  But it doesn’t stop there!  Brown Elementary hopes to construct a greenhouse so they can start plants in January (they had to wait until March this year to steer clear of frost), build some worm bins, and even create a sun oven to teach kids about using solar energy and cooking produce in the garden.

Sometimes all it takes is a season in the garden to create a lifelong veggie lover.