Annie's Grants for Gardens Application

Before you get started on your Grants for Gardens Application Form….

We’re so glad you’re interested in a garden grant from Annie’s! This application is long, and we wouldn’t want you to lose your hard work, so please take a moment to read the information below before you get started.

Online Application Tips

  • Please read through the Eligibility Pre-check (below), our Grants FAQs page, and the entire application before you get started.
  • Because you cannot save a copy of your application responses and return to them later, we highly recommend downloading a copy of the full application (Word doc) and saving your responses in this document on your PC or Mac. You can then copy in your responses to the online application lower down on this page once you are ready to submit.
  • We cannot accept the Word document versions of the application. All grant applications must be submitted through the online form on

Eligibility Pre-check

You must be able to answer “yes” to each of the statements below in order to be eligible for a garden grant:

  • My school is a k-12 school
  • My school is a public, private or charter school
  • If Public: My school is listed on the NCES database
  • If Private: My school is a private or charter associated with a charity or foundation that can receive tax-deductible grants
  • A school administrator has approved my plans for the garden.
  • I have developed a plan to utilize the full grant and sustain funding for the garden
  • At least 75 students will be involved with the garden
  • I agree that no more than 30% of the grant will go toward a garden coordinator salary
I can answer yes to all the statements above and have read through the Grant FAQs page.