Annie's Grants for Gardens Application

Grants for Gardens 2019 Application Form

Before beginning our 2019 Grants for Gardens application, please make sure you have read our Grant Eligibility Requirements and Grant FAQs.

  • My Details

  • Please provide the contact information of the person at the school who would receive the grant check and related correspondence. (If this is you, please provide an alternate contact person in case you are unavailable)
  • School Details

  • If Private/Charter please type "N/A"
  • For public schools type "N/A"
  • Additional Information

  • Please note: Title 1 status is not required to be considered for a grant.
  • This can be a Word document, PDF or email saved as a PDF.
  • Garden Details

  • Include any pertinent information about community partnerships, access agreements and/or other key details.
  • Garden Plan

  • Consider seasonal care, irrigation, summer break, etc.
  • Is there a designated staff person or is the responsibility shared across a team? Please describe.
  • Annie’s is aware of the many health and educational benefits of school gardens including increasing kids’ consumption of produce as well as enhancing academic achievement. Can you tell us why a garden would be beneficial to your school and students, specifically? In other words, why would your school benefit from a garden more than another school?
  • How would you define success?
  • Enrichment

  • We’d love to hear any specifics on current/anticipated lesson plans and/or subject matter integration.
  • (community partners, parent groups, teachers, etc.)
  • Financials

  • Schools who have received a grant for their school garden from Annie's in the past 5 years are reviewed separately and are eligible for one of three $5,000 grants.
  • If yes, please briefly describe the history and outcomes of this funding. (750 max characters) Additional community support is not required to be considered for a grant, but school gardens that have support from a diversity of sources tend to be more sustainable over time.
  • Please provide an itemized budget.
  • If 30% or more, you are ineligible for a grant.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.