FoodCorps - Annie's Homegrown

When we met with the folks at FoodCorps six years ago, we connected strongly with their vision: to connect kids to healthy food in school. FoodCorps is creating a future in which all our nation’s children––regardless of class, race, or geography––know what healthy food is, care where it comes from, and eat it every day. That’s why we’ve funded over $700,000 to help future generations grow up to lead healthier and more productive lives.

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7 in 10 students taught by FoodCorps last year improved their attitudes towards vegetables, tried new ones, or maintained their high regard for them if they already liked them.

The FoodCorps Model

FoodCorps places service members in high-need schools across the US to deliver their unique program, which focuses on:


Hands on Lessons

They teach cooking, gardening, and tasting since kids love foods they have grown and prepared themselves.


Healthy School Meals

They create a cafeteria that steers students towards the healthiest options and gets them excited to try new healthy foods.


A Schoolwide Culture of Health

They help the whole school community – everything from the teacher to the hallways to the bake sales – celebrate healthy food.