Agricultural Scholarships - Annie's Homegrown

We strive to make a positive impact through the foods we make, and we know we can’t change the food system alone.

Through our scholarship program, we are thrilled to support students who share our mission to leave the planet better than we found it by advancing the principles of regenerative agriculture.

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If you’re an undergraduate or graduate student studying organic and/or regenerative agriculture, we’d love to hear more about who you are, the work you’re doing, and the vision you have for a better future. Recipients will be notified if they’re chosen for a scholarship by July 15. Find our application here. Have questions? Check out our FAQ’s.



2018 Scholarship Recipients

  • Melisa Bohlman
  • Timothy Jacobs
  • Shelby McClelland
  • Peter Olayemi
  • Ashley Leach
  • Ignacio Mendoza
  • Viroopa Volla
  • Moriah Bilenky
  • Morgan Kelly
  • Cynthia Creze
  • Catalina Mejia
  • Rachel Shellabarger
  • James LaChance
  • Paige Stanley
  • Sammi Tuttle
  • Halie Kampman
  • Rebecca Lucas
  • Carmen Thissen
  • Cara Peterson
  • Sara Santiago