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A Hidden Camera Experiment

A Hidden Camera Experiment

Kids love Annie’s Mac and Cheese. Kids love Annie’s Pizza. These things we know for sure. But what would kids do if faced with a decision? Would they resist these dinner time favorites and wait ten minutes for an Annie’s Rising Crust Mac & Cheese Pizza? 

We put together a fun, hidden camera experiment to find out.

The results were adorable: 



We talked to one of the six-year-olds in the in the experiment:


How hard was it to wait for the 10 minutes? 

– Pretty hard.  It seemed like forever.


Did you like the pizza? 

– Yeah because I was really, really hungry by then.  I ate the mac and cheese off the top first.


Were you surprised? 

– Yes. Because I had never sawn that kind of pizza before.  


You’ll have to watch the video to see all the kids in action.


What do you think? How would your children respond to The Mac & Cheese Pizza Experiment?