Annie’s Limited Edition Products with ingredients grown on a farm advancing Regenerative Practices

FOOD: it’s what connects us to the earth, and to each other. It is the most powerful force for change we have. Through our daily food choices, we can make a positive impact on the planet that grows our food, and the people who produce it. At Annie’s, we’re excited to partner with an innovative group of organic Montana farmers, all of which are using regenerative agricultural practices to build healthy soil and diverse, resilient landscapes. We’re working with these farmers to make a few really special Annie’s products. These special products give us hope that we really can help protect our planet.

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LIMITED EDITION Organic Honey Bunny Grahams and Elbows Pasta & Cheddar

Last year, we partnered with organic Montana farmers, Casey Bailey & Nate Powell-Palm, to release limited edition versions of two of Annie’s favorite items: Organic Honey Bunny Grahams and Elbow Pasta & Cheddar Mac & Cheese.  Each of these yummy products used a blend of oats, peas, and wheat, single-sourced from Casey & Nate’s Montana  farms. These ingredients, grown as part of a diverse rotation, help them build healthy soil on their farms!

Meet Casey & Nate

On his farm in Fort Benton, Montana, Casey Bailey grew all the organic wheat and oats for our limited edition Organic Bunny Grahams! Casey is a 4th generation Montana grain farmer, who learned to drive a tractor at age 10. In his spare time, Casey “geeks out” about soil life beneath his microscope.   Nate Powell-Palm grew all the organic wheat and peas in our limited edition  Elbows & Cheddar on two plots of land outside of beautiful Bozeman, Montana. Nate is the first in his family to farm, and he acquired his first cow at age 9! By 18, he was managing a full herd of cattle and growing organic grain to feed them.

COMING SOON… From Limited Edition to Everyday for Everybunny!

We’re thrilled to introduce two of the most important boxes of mac & cheese we’ve ever made, Organic Shells & White Cheddar with Whole Grains and Organic Macaroni & Classic Cheddar with 12g Protein!   Made in partnership with our innovative Montana farmers, these mac & cheeses will feature diverse, single-sourced ingredients that benefit both people AND planet. And unlike last year’s special products, these guys will be available nationwide, year-round, beginning in May 2019!

Meet Our New Farmer Partners!

We’re expanding our Montana network to include two new organic farming families, the Crabtrees and the Manuels. With their partnership, we are adding spelt to an Annie’s product for the very first time! Spelt is a nutrient dense type of ancient wheat, which is well adapted to the changing climate where these farmers live in northern Montana.  

Working directly with our partner farmers in Montana has enriched and inspired all of us here at Annie’s. Together, we’ve developed new partnerships to encourage regenerative practices and measure their impacts on soil health, biodiversity and farming communities. Learn why SOIL MATTERS.   In addition to Casey, Nate, the Crabtrees and the Manuels, we are grateful to the following partners for bringing these products to life: Timeless Seeds, Inland Empire, Minot Milling, Philadelphia Mac & Cheese, Heartland Mill, Dakota Specialty Mill, Hearthside Food Solutions.