Annie’s Limited Edition Products with ingredients grown on a farm advancing Regenerative Practices
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FOOD: it’s what connects us to the earth, and to each other. Through our daily food choices, we can make a positive impact on the planet that grows our food, and the people who produce it. At Annie’s, we’re excited to partner with organic farmers like Casey Bailey and Nate Powell-Palm. Casey & Nate are using regenerative agricultural practices to restore and enhance our natural resources and farming communities.

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Made with ingredients grown using regenerative farming practices.

What if we told you that the wheat and oats in these Organic Bunny Grahams came from a single farm? That’s right! Farmer Casey Bailey grew these crops as part of a diverse crop rotation on his land in Fort Benton, Montana. Rotating different crops is important for building healthy soil!

Meet Casey


Casey Bailey is a 4th generation Montana grain farmer. Since he learned to drive a tractor at age 10, managing his family’s land has been Casey’s pride and joy. When he’s not farming, you can find Casey “geeking out” about the soil life discoverable beneath his microscope. Casey also enjoys trail running and sings for the Great Falls Symphony Choir!


Made with ingredients grown using regenerative farming practices.

Farmer Nate Powell-Palm grew the organic wheat and peas in this mac & cheese on two plots of land outside of Bozeman, Montana. In addition to growing grains and legumes, Nate owns 35 cattle, which he rotates across his fields to graze crop stubble and help keep his soil healthy.

Meet Nate


Nate Powell-Palm is the first in his family to farm – and he started early. Nate acquired his first cow at age 9, and by 18, he was managing a full herd of cattle and growing organic grain to feed them. Nate is a leader in Bozeman’s local food movement, and is happiest when he’s working his land, or sharing yummy organic food with his community.

Working directly with Casey and Nate has enriched and inspired all of us here at Annie’s. Together, we’ve developed a new, multi-year partnership to encourage regenerative practices and measure their impacts on soil health, biodiversity and farming communities.

In addition to Casey and Nate, we are grateful to the following partners for bringing these products to life: Timeless Seeds, Inland Empire, Minot Milling, Philadelphia Mac & Cheese, Heartland Mill, Dakota Specialty Mill, Hearthside Food Solutions.