Packaging - Annie's Homegrown

The little package in your hand is a big deal to us – and to the planet. At

Annie’s we’re a bit obsessed with packaging.

We don’t just want to do less bad. We want to do more good. Good packaging is made of sustainable materials, is recyclable or compostable, and light to transport. We’re constantly working to improve and reinvent ours to make the most of innovations in sustainable packaging.

Packaging plays a big role in pollution and climate change. The natural resources required to make packaging is just the start. Yes, lots of packaging is recyclable or compostable, but when it ends up in a landfill, it might give off methane, a potent greenhouse gas. If it’s incinerated instead, it releases CO2 into the atmosphere. And packaging that weighs more requires more fossil fuels to transport. We work hard to take all of this into account, while still keeping your favorite Annie’s foods fresh and convenient for you.

Our goal

Our goal is to have our


meet criteria of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition for sustainable packaging, which is good for people, planet, and business. To achieve this, we’ve given ourselves three goals:



“Ingredients” in our packaging

We want most of our packaging to contain at least two 3rd party certifications for sustainable materials, like the Recycled Paperboard Alliance’s RPA-100. We’re making progress with nearly 50% of our products containing certifications, which help to divert materials from the waste stream.



Recyclability and compostability

We want all of our packaging to be “recoverable” (which means recyclable or compostable). We’re at 90% so far. After all, we want to make it easy-peasy for you to do the right thing, too. This is why we were one of the first brands to adopt the How2Recycle label and now 94% of our products carry the label!



Innovating our packaging

Our goal is to reduce our overall packaging weight by 20% (without reducing the yumminess inside, of course). And that’s not just for new products – we evaluate our entire current product line to find ways to make them lighter, better for the earth and more convenient for you.

We studied the packaging of our boxed crackers and cookies and found that there was an opportunity to improve their recyclability. We selected a film (HDPE, for those who are curious!) for the inner liner of our box that can be recycled at store drop-off locations. All of our “bag in box” Bunny Grahams and Crackers can now be completely recycled!

What can you do?

Knowing there is a big disconnect between what is recyclable and what actually gets recycled (only 34%!), we joined How2Recycle so that our sustainable packaging helps you know whether and how it can be recycled. We hope to lead the way so that all packages make it super simple for everyone to know where and how to recycle.