Making our foods - Annie's Homegrown

Annie’s works with all sorts of suppliers who help create your favorite foods: combining ingredients, assembling packaging, and more. These amazing partners help us manufacture our products to our (and your!) exacting standards and share the mission to build a successful business that is also socially and environmentally responsible.

Farm to Yum would never make it to “Yum” without these manufacturing partners. We think of them as part of the Annie’s family, and their practices are just as important as ours here in Berkeley. Working with them gives us an opportunity to help create an expansive system that prioritizes renewable energy, water efficiency, waste avoidance, and fair treatment of workers. The strong relationships we have with these partners allow us to gauge the social and environment impacts our products have at every step of their creation before they’re in your hands.

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The first step is to work with suppliers who align with our values, ethics and goals around social responsibility. We created and implemented a Code of Conduct for suppliers in 2012. When we joined with General Mills, we adopted their Code of Conduct, and we now work with them on third-party audits to make sure that our partners share our expectations about fair labor practices.

Second, we make sure that our suppliers are environmentally responsible. We are invested in making sure that our key manufacturing suppliers use the best environmental practices. Each year, we collect a range of environmental data from our suppliers, which gives us insight into their energy practices, greenhouse emissions, water use and waste output. In FY2017, 83% of our manufacturing partners shared information about their environmental practices – up 12 points from last year. That’s how we make sure they meet our standards, and it’s also how we help them continue to improve. Many of our manufacturers and suppliers contact us to ask questions and compare notes on how they can improve their practices and lessen their environmental impact.

The Green Bernie Award

Our favorite part of the year is when we reward one of our suppliers with our

Annual Green Bernie Award.

This award goes to an exemplary supplier that receives one of the highest scores on our supplier survey, demonstrating continuous improvement for at least two years in a row, and can document high performance in one or more of these areas: energy, waste, water, and climate change.