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In order to

double-down on organic and sustainable

sourcing, we focus on 10 ingredients that account for roughly 80% of our total ingredient purchase by weight. We set goals for each of these ingredients to grow organic farming, increase transparency, and provide further proof points through other rigorous, third-party certifications on the farm. Here’s a little information on a few of those ingredients:

Our Top Ingredients

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Of course we use lots of wheat – enough acres to cover the entire city of San Francisco! – in signature items like our Organic Mac & Cheese and Cheddar Bunnies.

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If we’re talking about our Organic Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix, we’re talking sugarcane. Can’t you just smell them baking in the oven?

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Chocolate! Who doesn’t love it. Hint: Try our delicious new Organic Cocoa Bunny Cereal.

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Palm Oil

We are committed to sourcing responsible palm oil.

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Cheese, delicious cheese! We can’t get enough of our Organic Mac & Cheese either.

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Eggs & Meat

While most of our ingredients come from plants, we are deeply committed to animal welfare whenever we source dairy, eggs, and meat.

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Looking Ahead

For all of our organic and sustainable ingredient sourcing, we’re always looking for ways to get better, to be more rigorous, and to adhere to trusted third-party standards. We’ll keep you posted as we make more progress.


Want to know if you’re allergic to an ingredient in our food?

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Meanwhile, we welcome your questions about ingredients. Please send us bunny mail if you want to know more about our ingredients and sourcing standards.

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Excited by what we’re doing with ingredients? Check out what we’re doing with sustainable packaging.

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