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Volunteering within our Community

Volunteering within our Community

JudeagardeningOne way we give back is by contributing time to our local community. We have a formalized volunteering program whereby we provide opportunities for employees to volunteer at specific organizations in the Bay Area. These volunteer hours can take place during the workday and can be organized by Annie’s or employees themselves; recently several teams have used volunteer events as team building exercises. As Judea Eden, our Health & Wellness Manager, says of her volunteering experience: “We started collecting our coffee grounds from the kitchens and bringing them over to the neighborhood community garden across the street to start a compost pile.  After a year of turning the soil and adding to the pile, the compost was ready to use.  We asked employees to volunteer to help us bring it over to our patio garden and add it to all our garden beds.  It was amazing to see how well our organic vegetables have grown using this rich soil we worked to create!” 


Annie’s employees give back to more than 30 organizations, including local organizations such as FoodCorps, City Slicker Farms, Berkeley Food and Housing Project, and the Alameda County Food Bank. Additionally, we send employees to participate in the In Good Company collaboration, which brings like-minded companies together to share in a week of volunteering at locations across the country. Through In Good Company, Annie’s employees have volunteered in the South Bronx, the Gulf Coast, and in our own neighboring community of Oakland.