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Buster’s Story

Buster was sitting at his desk staring at a blank piece of paper. Then he wrote down a few words.
“Rats!” he muttered. “That’s no good, either.” He crumpled up the paper and threw it on the floor.
“Hi, Buster!” said Arthur, from the …

A Tasting in the Garden

“Class, anyone know what a garden is?” Mostly, I get apprehensive looks, but suddenly one 4 year-old shouts, “it is where things grow!”
This morning I led a group of 4 year olds around the SAGE (Starker Arts Garden for Education) garden with Corvallis service member …

Thanks to the People Behind Every School Garden

In 2011 I graduated college, found a place with FoodCorps, and moved to a small town in the Ozark mountains called Marshall, Arkansas.  As a service member, I moved to a new community, bringing with me a passion for healthy eating and a sizable helping of ideas for my new …

“I was pretty certain the windowsill boxes would be bone-dry, destroyed, or just gone”

“Last week, we (both classes and I) planted four windowsill boxes with mesclun greens and collards. Both classes were split into four groups, each with eight students. I made watering schedules for each group, in which each student would have the responsibility to water …

SF Business Times: Annie’s recipe for giving includes paid volunteering

Annie’s does not just encourage its employees to volunteer — it requires them to do so.
All employees at the Berkeley organic food manufacturer must volunteer a minimum of eight hours a year. The company donated $144,000 to fund school grants and scholarships last year, … The Faces Behind 10 of Your Favorite Health Food Brands

As a college student in 1984, Withey developed Smartfood Popcorn in her Boston kitchen. A few years later, the popcorn’s signature white cheddar cheese powder gave her the inspiration for Annie’s. “One day it occurred to me that there was no macaroni and …

The Today Show:  Try Joy Bauer’s 4 healthier candy bar versions

TODAY contributor and nutritionist Joy Bauer shares four ways to make slimmed down versions of candy classics including peanut butter cups, crunch bar, cookies ‘n’ creme bar and junior mints – using Annie’s Chocolate Bunny Grahams.
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Forbes: Interview with John Foraker, Annie’s CEO

“To stay ahead, we’ve got to constantly move forward and put as many points of differentiation between us and them as possible,” says John Foraker, Annie’s CEO
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This story appears in the October 28, 2013 issue of Forbes.

Prevention Magazine: 100 Cleanest Packaged Foods Awards

Honey Bunny Grahams: 2013 Awards
It might look like kid food, but once you start popping these bunnies, you’ll be hooked. Hop to it, since one (huge) serving has 20% of your daily calcium!
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Lite Goddess Dressing: 2012 Awards
It should …

Slate: The Cheese Stands Alone

How Annie’s Homegrown exploded in size without destroying its wholesome, grassroots image.
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