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Farm to fork (and spoon)

Farm to fork (and spoon)

Our sustainability focus has evolved over the years, but we’ve never lost sight of our goal: to do business differently — and for good. Our co-founder, Annie Withey, created a company that challenged competitors, farmers, and consumers to think differently about food, business, and the environment. As we’ve grown to where we are today, we continue to look for ways that we can use the engine of our business to do good.

We think it’s important to share with you what we focus on and why. For us, sustainability isn’t only about minimizing negative impacts.  It’s  also about looking for ways  to  regenerate living  systems and to protect the food, air, water, and habitat needed for living things (including  us!) to thrive. In the simplest of terms, we want to move from a “take, make, waste less” sustainability approach to one where there is no waste in the first place. Just as in nature, everything that is “waste” would become “food” for something else.

Can you imagine a world with no waste? Where everything that you do, everything that you touch, has a positive impact on our environment and society?  We wouldn’t have pollution from toxic chemicals, nothing would be thrown in the trash so we wouldn’t need landfills, and energy would come from renewable sources. We’re certainly a long way from this point, but Annie’s wants to do our part to move closer to it.

Achieving this lofty goal means having a solid plan in place. And we recognize that, as a food company, we must seek improvements all along the way, from farm to fork. Our pathway to sustainability thus encompasses change across four significant platforms: 1) our supply chain, 2) our office and employees, 3) inspiring change in our local community and the larger food system, and 4) tracking and measuring our performance across each of these areas.