25 Years of Goodness - Annie's Homegrown

For over 25 years, Annie’s has been devoted to the business of good: creating good food, demonstrating good business practices, and helping build good communities.

The Beginning
of Annie's

Annie Withey co-founded the company to sell delicious mac and cheese.

Launched Cases
for Causes

We started our first product donation program called Cases for Causes.

Mac & Cheese
Goes Organic

Our beloved first product, Mac & Cheese, is also our first to go all organic.

Started Awarding Agricultural Scholarships

We sow seeds of goodness by starting our Sustainable Agricultural Scholarship Program.

Started Grants
for Gardens

We believe every kid deserves a garden, so we launched our Grants for Gardens program.

Partnership with Organic Valley

We started sourcing organic dairy from Organic Valley who strongly aligns with our mission and values.

Honored w/ LEED Gold Certification

We moved to Berkeley and walked the talk by getting our building LEED Gold Certified.

Annie’s Goes Public

We debuted on the New York Stock exchange ready to spread goodness far and wide.

Annie’s Joined General Mills

We are committed to growing better together.

Won the Bay Area Acterra Award

We were honored with the Acterra Business Environmental Award for demonstrating best sustainability practices.

Won the Climate Disruptors Award

We received recognition for our efforts in reducing our carbon footprint.

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