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Rice Elementary School

Rice Elementary School

Organization: Rice Elementary School
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The community at Rice Elementary is determined to provide students with a hands-on education. Shari, the school garden coordinator, told us, “Our garden has been built and maintained by our school community and the community at large; people who believe that children should not only know where real food comes from but who want education to be real, hands-on living.” This April, Rice Elementary 2nd-4th grade classes planted fruits and veggies. Families took turns watering the garden in the summer. Working in the garden tied in nicely with school curriculum: 2nd graders learned about habitats, 3rd graders learned about plants and ecosystems, 4th graders learned about environments. Students started veggies from seed in the classroom and kept journals to make observations, track plants’ growth and compare growing conditions. Students will be enjoying the fruits of their labor when the school cafeteria serves up the harvest this fall. In the future, Rice Elementary would like to build an outdoor classroom. Here’s a drawing they used to plan out their garden: