“Last week, we (both classes and I) planted four windowsill boxes with mesclun greens and collards. Both classes were split into four groups, each with eight students. I made watering schedules for each group, in which each student would have the responsibility to water the seedlings. Both teachers told me (separately) that I was foolish for doing this, and leaving the boxes in the classroom, because the students would not only neglect their watering responsibilities, but they would also destroy the boxes. Returning to the classroom this week, I was preparing myself for what I thought was the inevitable. I was pretty certain the boxes would be bone-dry, destroyed, or just gone. I couldn’t be more wrong; every box had almost full germination; the soil was still moist from the morning watering. Every student had cared for their collective garden boxes with the utmost care. I totally got chills from this.”

– Corbin Lichtinger, FoodCorps Service Member, Maine