We believe that clean, simple and real ingredients are the best options for our consumers. We believe that, as a business, our decisions impact not only our financial bottom line, but also the people and places along the way as our product travels from farm to fork. And therefore, we look for ways to not only reduce our negative impacts, but also look for ways to positively regenerate along the way.

That is why farming is so important to helping us fulfill our mission and why we seek to work with farmers directly. By working directly with you, the farmer, we will come closer to achieving our goal of contributing to a more sustainable and resilient food system.

If you have grains, oils or sweeteners that you would like to supply to Annie’s, please review our basic requirements below. We can provide more details upon initial review.

Specific list of crops:

  • Organic Hard Red Spring Wheat
  • Organic Hard Red Winter Wheat
  • Organic Hard White Wheat
  • Organic Durum
  • Organic and non-GMO Canola 
  • Organic and conventional High Oleic Sunflower

Basic requirements:

  • Demonstrated ability to farm according to our company’s mission and core values. 
  • Willingness to share detailed information about your farm and farming practices.
  • Demonstration of sustainable farming practices that build soil fertility, protect water quality and enhance biodiversity. 
  • Willingness to periodically host the Annie’s team for a tour of your farm.
  • Commitment to continuous improvement each year.


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