Sustainability Reports

Sustainability Reports


2015 Growing Goodness

When Annie Withey co-founded Annie’s in 1989, she wanted to show by example that a successful business could also be socially responsible. Today, as part of General Mills, Annie’s founding vision continues to guide us. We believe it’s critical to be transparent about the progress we’re making on our journey. We know we still have more to do, but we’re excited to show you just how far we’ve come. We invite you to contact us at with your feedback.
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2014 Cultivating Good

This report highlights our sustainability work in the supply chain, at our facilities and in the greater community. We believe that transparency and accountability are critical to the way we do business, and we invite feedback from you along the way. This year our Sustainability Report is online.
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2013: Goodness Grows

Goodness Grows captures highlights from FY2013. In this report, you will read about our work in our ingredient supply chains, including programs focused on wheat, sugarcane, and dairy. We’ve learned a lot more about our packaging impacts and are looking for opportunities to improve. We’ve evolved our programs with manufacturers to ensure that we can work collaboratively together on minimizing our footprint. While the supply chain remains the biggest part of our footprint and thus our programmatic focus, we also have developed new programs at the office, and we remain committed to industry outreach and engagement. We know that without collaboration and partnership in our greater community, our success would not be nearly as impactful. Read on for more details.

2012: Growing Goodness

Check out Growing Goodness, our FY2012 Sustainability Report. This is our second year of reporting on how we strive to live our values. In this report, you’ll find details on our commitment to support organic farming practices, how we’re understanding and improving our carbon footprint, and how we’re building relationships within our community. We’re excited to share with you all that we’re learning along the sustainability journey.


2011: Goodness from the Ground Up

Sustainability for us isn’t just a passing trend, it is core to who we are and why we do what we do. We believe that as a business, our decisions impact not only our financial bottom line, but also the people and places along the way as our product travels from farm to fork.

Additionally, we believe that we must look for ways to not only reduce our negative impact, but also look for ways to positively regenerate along the way. It is because of this philosophy that our sustainability efforts center around food, people and planet.

Below, you can read more about our work in our 2011 Sustainability Report. This was our debut report, so thanks for taking the time to read through it!