Investing in Organic

Investing in Organic

We invest in organic ingredients because we know they make a positive difference to people and planet. We know that more people want to know what is in – and what is not in – the food they eat, and they want to know how it affects the health of their bodies and the environment.

When people choose organic, they know that their foods are grown without toxic, persistent pesticides, synthetic growth hormones, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), sewage sludge or irradiation. The USDA’s organic standard mandates these requirements to ensure the integrity of the organic seal.

Beyond our personal health, organic farming can strengthen the land’s health as well. Recent scientific data show that organic practices can build soil quality, enhance microbial activity, and help cycle nutrients through the soil. In a long-term study conducted in Iowa, researchers began analyzing organic and conventional soils in 1998. The study concludes that “soil properties related to biologically active organic matter were up to 40% higher in organic soil.” This is significant because active organic matter is critical to ensuring healthy, productive soil, which in turn produces the healthy crops essential for a healthy food system.

We believe organic farming is better for the earth because it focuses on creating healthy soils. Healthy soils are the foundation for healthy food, which ultimately leads to healthy bodies.

For us, organic is the foundation of our sustainability efforts, and we continue to invest in organic as we grow our business. In FY2014, we purchased 42 million pounds of organic ingredients. This represents a 19% increase over FY2013 and a 93% increase since FY2010. Our sales of our organic products represent 85% of Annie’s total sales.