While we know our greatest environmental impact lies in our supply chain, we also believe it’s important to live “green” at our company headquarters in Berkeley, California. Our building headquarters is LEED gold certified. As part of our efforts, we chose the following:

  • Central location – Our office location is centrally located and within walking distance to public transportation, restaurants, shops and more. 
  • Recycled furniture – 98% of the furniture in our office is recycled, thus preventing the harvest of new materials, avoiding landfill and reducing our environmental footprint.
  • Energy efficient lighting – Occupancy sensors and optimized lighting practices reduce our lighting power by 42%.
  • Water efficient fixtures – Low-flow, water-conserving fixtures reduce our annual water use by 35%. 
  • Energy efficient equipment – More than 70% of our equipment is Energy Star certified. 
  • Green power – 100% of our electricity usage is offset with renewable energy credits

We are also proud to be certified as a Bay Area Green Business — a partnership between local governments and area businesses large and small, to ensure that we conserve energy and water, minimize waste, prevent pollution, and shrink our carbon footprint. These two standards support our vision of a world where natural resources are not wasted, but rather regenerated and restored.


Energy and water 

Consumption of energy from fossil fuels is the most significant contributor to climate change worldwide, so we aim to reduce our impact on the planet through our office energy management practices. We lower our electricity consumption by utilizing daylight and big ceiling fans, purchasing Energy STAR appliances, maintaining our heating and cooling system, and buying renewable energy in the form of high-quality renewable energy certificates for the balance we can’t reduce.

Similarly, we upgraded our kitchens and bathrooms to conserve water by installing lowflow toilets, faucets, urinals, and showerheads, and buying water-saving dishwashers and other appliances. As part of our green business certification, we also tested the “flow rates” of our taps (the speed with which water comes out) and were surprised to learn that some of our water-saving faucets were still overproducing. Thanks to the audit, we were able to remedy that by adjusting the pressure.