Lunch Box Yum - Annie's Homegrown
Lunch Box Inspiration

A Touch of Magic!

Annie’s fruit wands pack a seriously scrumptious flavor combination into a totally new and surprisingly fun snacking experience.

Lunchtime Mix-in Mac

A family favorite mixed with delicious yellow squash to help sneak in those extra veggies at lunchtime.

Grabbit & Go

A protein-filled lunch with fresh fruit, veggies, and chewy, chocolatey whole grain goodness.

Cereal-ously Yummy

A lunch box made for the little bunny breakfast lovers out there.

Berry Delicious

Pair protein from Annie’s Organic Whole Milk Yogurt with dippable bunnies and almonds.

Soup-er Bunny Bunch

A wholesome and filling lunch that everybunny will love.

Happy Snacking

A fresh fruit, veggie, and Cheddar Bunnies platter, perfect for a hungry bunny snacker.

A Top-Notch Snack Pack!

For an afternoon snack pack, pair Annie’s Original or Cheddar snack mixes with some fresh veggies.

Snacky Bunny Lunch

A filling snack platter loaded with fresh fruit, veggies, and Annie's Bunnies for dunkin'.

Chicken Teriyaki & Bunnies

A savory protein-filled lunch with plenty of fresh fruit and veggies, perfect for kids of all ages.