At Annie’s, we talk about ingredients that come straight from nature – and we mean it! We create strong partnerships with the people who grow the delicious and nourishing food you’ve come to expect from us. Every ingredient we’ve used to make our meals, snacks, condiments and dressings has been chosen with care. The farmers who grow our ingredients are just as passionate about quality and sustainability as we are. We make it our responsibility to take on important issues–such as supporting organic practices and honest labeling – so you can be sure that the products you buy from Annie’s are as authentic as possible.

There are several reasons why we don’t take these shortcuts, but here’s a simple one: on our packaging, you can spot Bernie, Annie’s pet Dutch rabbit. When she started the company in 1989, Annie chose him to be our official “rabbit of approval,” representing the simplicity, care, and goodness of our products. We’ll always embrace these strong values.

So, we spend the time sourcing the absolute best we can find, whether it’s durum winter wheat, rBST*-free cheese, natural meats – right down to the last ingredient on the label. We’re passionate about flavor, but never at the expense of doing the right thing. We’re not always perfect, but that won’t stop us from working to give you some of the best packaged food options available on store shelves.

No Artificial Flavors

No Synthetic Colors

No Synthetic Preservatives


No Growth Hormones

No Persistent Pesticides

 *No significant difference has been shown between milk derived from RBST treated and non-RBST treated cows.