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All across

the country, budding sustainable food leaders who share our mission to protect people and the planet are dreaming up amazing, impactful research projects. That’s why each year we award scholarships to them through our

Sustainable Agriculture Scholarship


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If you’re an undergraduate or graduate student studying organic and/or sustainable agriculture, we’d love to hear more about who you are, the work you’re doing, and the vision you have for a better future. Our application will be available beginning 1/15/2018. We will accept applications from 1/15/2018 to 3/15/2018. 



2017 Scholarship Recipients

  • Seth Abugho
  • Fiona Benjamin
  • Amanda Burton
  • David De La Fuente
  • Katrina Freund
  • Shuresh Ghimire
  • Samantha Glaze-Corcoran
  • Elizabeth Goodman
  • Julissa Hernandez
  • Sarah Hirsh
  • Esakakondo Lohese
  • Isobel Michaud
  • Jonathan Morris
  • Flavia Oliveira
  • Margiana Petersen-Rockney
  • Emily Reisman
  • Abigail Smith
  • David Sullivan
  • Rachel Voss
  • Hannah Waterhouse