KNOWLEDGE: Nutrition Education

The typical elementary student receives just 3.4 hours of nutrition education each year. FoodCorps Service Members work with teachers to increase the quality and quantity of nutrition education, and we work hard to make it fun. Service Members solicit professional athletes and chefs for classroom visits, conduct hands-on cooking demonstrations, and model positive lifestyle choices that motivate kids to exercise and eat well.

ENGAGEMENT: School Gardens

School gardens are powerful gateways for getting kids to try new foods. They also bring parents and community members together and help them become advocates for healthier school lunch. FoodCorps Service Members establish or expand school garden programs, engaging students, parents and community volunteers in the active outdoor play of growing fruits and vegetables.

ACCESS: Farm to School

Children who know the farmer who grew their broccoli are more likely to eat it. Studies show that children participating in Farm to School programs consume one more serving of fruits and vegetables per day. FoodCorps Service Members create relationships between school food service directors and local farmers and help transform cafeterias into educational environments where healthy food choices are promoted through creative methods like tasting displays and food games.