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We launched our first organic product in 1998 and now every day our team in Berkeley seeks to uphold and improve upon those standards. From trusted farmer partners and the foods they grow, to the packaging our food is shipped in, we’re on a mission to maximize the good in the world. We look for ways to regenerate living systems and to protect the food, air, water and habitat needed for all living things (including us!) to thrive. Here’s what we’re working on to get there:

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Why Organic

Supporting the health of people and the planet begins with sourcing ingredients from organic and sustainable farms.

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We work to make our packaging as sustainable as possible. We want our designs to leave the smallest impact on people and planet, before it gets to you and after you’re done with it.

What goes into the package in your hands >

Our Berkeley Office

We’re always looking to create a fun, happy and healthy culture while implementing, maintaining and improving sustainable building practices.

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Soil Matters

To keep our planet healthy for future generations, we need to take care of our soil. We are on a journey to bring soil back to life through regenerative agriculture.

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We choose ingredients that are not only delicious, but have a positive impact on farmers, communities, animals, the environment, and you.

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Making Our Foods

When you

buy Annie’s

, you also support our partners. We look to work with folks who are committed to best practices in sustainability so we can get from the Farm to Yum in the most thoughtful, efficient and beneficial way.

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Annie’s Annual Sustainability Reports