These are some of the smallest herds in the country. By farming at a smaller scale, farmers are able to give better care to the animals, produce higher quality products and have a better life for themselves. All of the organic cheese in our organic macaroni and cheese products is sourced from Organic Valley. 

Many of the Organic Valley family farmers are second, third and even fourth generation farmers. But Tyler and Melanie Webb, pictured here, represent a new generation of farmers. They started farming in their 20s and bring a deep passion for sustainable agriculture and grazing practices.

“The foundation of our herd health is low-stress handling and high-forage diet. We never herd our cows anywhere. They know that when we whistle they’re going to fresh grass or they’re going to the barn, and when they go to the barn, they’ll get a little bit of grain and they’re in and out in 45 minutes.”

As part of the Webb’s low-stress program, they operate their dairy seasonally, allowing for the cows to rest from January until they calve in March or April.

“The break between end of lactation and the start of the next one is 75 days, as opposed to the industry standard which is 45 days. Our system mimics nature.”