Our names are Lillyanna and Joseph, and our families have an Organic Valley dairy farm in Orland, CA. Our family has been farming all the way back to our great, great, great grandparents. We farm organically because we don’t want any bad chemicals on our food. Our cows are happier because they live out on our pastures. We have Holstein cows (the black and white ones) and Jersey cows (the brown ones), and they produce milk that goes into the cheddar cheese used in Annie’s products. We are proud to be organic farmers for Annie’s because we love Annie’s products, and we want to share our organic milk with Annie’s!

You can see our story on select boxes of Annie’s new Certified Organic Bernie’s Farm Macaroni & Cheese!

Lillyanna (11-year-old Organic Valley Farm Kid)
Joseph (10-year-old Organic Valley  Farm Kid)