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All across

the country, budding sustainable food leaders who share our mission to protect people and the planet are dreaming up amazing, impactful research projects. That’s why each year we award scholarships to them through our

Sustainable Agriculture Scholarship


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If you’re an undergraduate or graduate student studying organic and/or sustainable agriculture, we’d love to hear more about who you are, the work you’re doing, and the vision you have for a better future. Our application is now closed as of January 6, 2017. 


2016 Scholarship Recipients

  • Eddie Starr
  • Rael Otuya
  • Cameron Yuki
  • Ellen Green
  • Emlyn Jones
  • Brent Arnoldussen
  • Daniel Moffatt
  • Alexis Fujii
  • Julia Kloehn
  • Margo Clark
  • Noah Schlossberg
  • Marnie Riddle
  • Julianne Kellogg
  • Megan Garfinkel
  • Sarah Isbell
  • Mark McGuire
  • Andrew Morris
  • Mercede Ramjerdi
  • Aidee Guzman
  • Katherine Ennis
  • Erika Dunyak
  • Justin Burdine
  • Arun Jani
  • Malachi Persche