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Brown Elementary School

Organization: Brown Elementary School Website: http://brown.jpsms.org/
Brown Elementary School: From Seed to Table
Alex, a FoodCorps volunteer managing the garden at Brown Elementary School in Jackson, Mississippi told us that healthy eating was the focus of their …

Sparks of Enthusiasm: FoodCorps Service Members

When I appear in the doorway of the cafeteria, the room starts to buzz. “Is that Ms. Leah?” the students whisper to each other. As I come closer, their excitement mounts, and many can’t contain themselves: “It is her!” they shout as they jump out of their seats and …

The Power of a Greenhouse – FoodCorps Iowa

Last year, I was a FoodCorps service member with The Food Project in Boston, where during the winter months mountains of snow were a permanent fixture on the sidewalks, and temperatures refused to climb above freezing. I was fortunate, however, to host my weekly class of …

Denver Green School

Organization: Denver Green School Website: www.denvergreenschool.org
Denver Green School: Dirt Into Abundance
As a school built around the idea of sustainability, Denver Green School immediately embraced a garden program as a way to learn “about stewardship of the earth, …

Visiting Annie Withey’s organic farm

Annie lives on her certified organic farm in Connecticut with her husband and two daughters, where she grows a wide variety of vegetables and flowers for her local co-op and farmer’s market.  She remains the inspiration and corporate conscience for the Annie’s family of …

Celebrity Chef – FoodCorps Michigan

FoodCorps service will provide you with the necessary training and experience to emerge as a star television cooking personality.
Lights, camera, action! All eyes were on my knife, my stockpot, and me. I became a star, instructing and entertaining, captivating my viewers and …

Celebrating Traditions:  Using Culture to Connect Kids to Healthy Food

When my students and I visited the garden for the first time, we toured the space to identify what was growing and where. “Does anyone know what kind of vegetable this is?” I asked. I got some glazed over looks; kale isn’t stocked at local markets and it’s unlikely …

Lava in the School Garden – FoodCorps Hawaii

A raccoon feast in the sweet corn, a hailstorm just as the peaches ripen, or a groundhog field day in the field greens. School gardens are often the scenes of minor dramas. It’s nigh impossible to go a full season without one act of nature or another. But how about lava in …

Garden beliebers

“You’re like Justin Bieber, but for vegetables,” says a child in Iowa to FoodCorps service member Daniel Schultz 

East Cooper Montessori Charter School

Organization: East Cooper Montessori Charter School Website: www.montessoricharterschool.com
East Cooper Montessori: Putting Down Roots
Students, teachers, and parents at East Cooper Montessori Charter School have rallied around building a strong foundation for their new …