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Simple ingredients add up to better taste

For the past 25 years, we’ve proven simple ingredients add up to better taste. From our signature comfort foods like macaroni & cheese to our refreshing salad dressings, we’re all about goodness from the ground up.  Annie’s products are delicious organic and …

Lava in the School Garden – FoodCorps Hawaii

A raccoon feast in the sweet corn, a hailstorm just as the peaches ripen, or a groundhog field day in the field greens. School gardens are often the scenes of minor dramas. It’s nigh impossible to go a full season without one act of nature or another. But how about lava in …

Garden beliebers

“You’re like Justin Bieber, but for vegetables,” says a child in Iowa to FoodCorps service member Daniel Schultz 

East Cooper Montessori Charter School

Organization: East Cooper Montessori Charter School Website: www.montessoricharterschool.com
East Cooper Montessori: Putting Down Roots
Students, teachers, and parents at East Cooper Montessori Charter School have rallied around building a strong foundation for their new …

Meet farmers who grew organic wheat for our mac and cheese

We use organic wheat in our macaroni and cheese, pretzels, crackers and cookies. Durum wheat is a specific variety that we use to make the pasta for our macaroni and cheese. Much of this wheat is grown by farmers in the American Northern Plains where the climate and …

Become a FoodCorps Service Member

Interested in becoming a FoodCorps Service Member? Learn more here. 

People Say the Darndest Things While Working in School Gardens

Last year, as a FoodCorps service member, I often had this moment after serving in a school garden when I would think, “kids say the darndest things while working in school gardens.”
This often came after a kid said something like: “This soil smells like …

Saving Seed

After moving to Maine over a year ago for FoodCorps, I frequently found myself thinking: “People here know how to live, and they know how to live darn well.” I kept telling myself that if the apocalypse ever does come, let it come the third week of September and let …

Progress Unfolding and a Call to All Community Food Advocates!

There’s a quiet but constant community of growers across Mississippi. Driving through Louisville, MS you’ll catch glimpses of enormous backyard plots, overflowing with mustard greens and stretching tall with okra. Heading north through the Delta the expanse of cotton and …

Glendale Acres Elementary School

Organization: Glendale Acres Elementary School (Communication/Foreign Language Academy) Website: http://gaes.ccs.k12.nc.us/
Glendale Acres: Celebrating Earth Week
Deborah at Glendale Acres Elementary told us that due to a lack of funding, they  would be unable to continue …