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Rice Elementary School

Organization: Rice Elementary School Website:
The community at Rice Elementary is determined to provide students with a hands-on education. Shari, the school garden coordinator, told us, “Our garden has been built and …

Free Stickers

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Annie’s is “In Good Company”

Annie’s has a long history of giving back to local communities, whether through grants, donations or volunteer hours.  In Good Company is a week-long community service trip, developed by Clif Bar & Company, which focuses on making a positive change for people and …

White Oak Elementary School

Organization: White Oak Elementary School Website:
The kindergarteners at White Oak Elementary in Sugar Hill, GA have been swimming in produce. This year they harvested radishes, carrots, beans, lettuce, spinach, zucchini, …

Mount Desert Elementary School

Organization: Mount Desert Elementary School
Mount Desert Elementary School is dedicated to implementing hands-on garden experiences and evidence-based best practices to carryout “Growing Gardens, Growing Minds”. The project is based on the following …

Woodview School

Organization:  Woodview School
Woodview School has just begun planning their school garden program to begin spring of 2014. The school plans on starting with a 400-square-foot herb garden between the school playground and its entrance. Future efforts will …

Viejo Elementary School

Organization:  Viejo Elementary School
Viejo Elementary School’s new garden will provide sustainable learning experiences for students, teaching them about the components of a healthy garden, food growth and treating their environment with care. The garden will …

Jackson Heights Middle School

Organization:  Jackson Heights Middle School
Jackson Heights Middle School’s new garden will be a beautiful, engaging and desirable place for students to learn. Currently, the school is without a garden or any other alternative green space for education, …

Redwood Day School

Organization:  Redwood Day School
Redwood Day School wants to expand their Middle School Garden, a garden based solely on historical themes and Spanish heritage, to build more plots and increase produce yield in order to support several families in transition. With …

Acworth Intermediate School

Organization: Acworth Intermediate School
Acworth Intermediate School has a vision to create a garden with seven raised beds of varying measurements. The school will organize the multiple plots around different garden themes to emphasize lessons in a variety of academic …