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Brown Elementary School

Organization: Brown Elementary School Website: http://brown.jpsms.org/
Brown Elementary School: From Seed to Table
Alex, a FoodCorps volunteer managing the garden at Brown Elementary School in Jackson, Mississippi told us that healthy eating was the focus of their …

Why Organic Matters To Us

The importance of avoiding toxic, persistent chemicals cannot be overstated, as it’s not only about ensuring that we’re not polluting people’s bodies and our environment, but it’s also about a philosophical difference in how farmers work within an ecological …

“I was pretty certain the windowsill boxes would be bone-dry, destroyed, or just gone”

“Last week, we (both classes and I) planted four windowsill boxes with mesclun greens and collards. Both classes were split into four groups, each with eight students. I made watering schedules for each group, in which each student would have the responsibility to water …

Denver Green School

Organization: Denver Green School Website: www.denvergreenschool.org
Denver Green School: Dirt Into Abundance
As a school built around the idea of sustainability, Denver Green School immediately embraced a garden program as a way to learn “about stewardship of the earth, …

Visiting Annie Withey’s organic farm

Annie lives on her certified organic farm in Connecticut with her husband and two daughters, where she grows a wide variety of vegetables and flowers for her local co-op and farmer’s market.  She remains the inspiration and corporate conscience for the Annie’s family of …

Simple ingredients add up to better taste

For the past 25 years, we’ve proven simple ingredients add up to better taste. From our signature comfort foods like macaroni & cheese to our refreshing salad dressings, we’re all about goodness from the ground up.  Annie’s products are delicious organic and …

Garden beliebers

“You’re like Justin Bieber, but for vegetables,” says a child in Iowa to FoodCorps service member Daniel Schultz 

East Cooper Montessori Charter School

Organization: East Cooper Montessori Charter School Website: www.montessoricharterschool.com
East Cooper Montessori: Putting Down Roots
Students, teachers, and parents at East Cooper Montessori Charter School have rallied around building a strong foundation for their new …

Meet farmers who grew organic wheat for our mac and cheese

We use organic wheat in our macaroni and cheese, pretzels, crackers and cookies. Durum wheat is a specific variety that we use to make the pasta for our macaroni and cheese. Much of this wheat is grown by farmers in the American Northern Plains where the climate and …

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