$2,500 winner

School: University of California, Davis

Year: Junior

Major: Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems


“There is a feeling of competence, worthiness, and ability to determine the course of your own life that occurs when you can sustain yourself physically through food production. I want to spread that opportunity to those that aren’t usually afforded it. A healthier and happier world will be one where people feel stable and secure that they will have food, that their children will have food, and that that food will be nourishing. In this world, the production of that food won’t make the air unbreathable or the water undrinkable. In this world, our food source doesn’t have to preclude the thriving living of other species. Our farms can grow and farms in other countries can grow and both can provide food where it’s needed instead of threatening each other. I want to see a world where agriculture is seen as an integral part of life, success, and environmental stewardship.”