$2,500 winner

School: University of San Francisco

Year: Junior

Major: Environmental Science
Minor: Urban Agriculture 

“It was not until I moved to an urban environment, the city of San Francisco, that I realized that my passion for food could be an avenue for positive change within myself and my community. In a city, we are directly confronted with the problems of the food system: unequal access to fresh and affordable food, the privatization of food, lack of land, unfair labor conditions, and irresponsible treatment of the city, the land, and food through the use of pesticides and herbicides. All of these issues come to a crux in an urban environment. The city is defined by contrasting juxtapositions: between humans and the environment, rich and poor, tradition and progress. The city is a dynamic place. Despite all of the environmental, social, and economic issues we face, there is a lot to be hopeful for. I feel empowered to grow positive change through urban agriculture, especially through education and striving to close the food gap.”