In 1989, Annie Withey started making mac & cheese in her home kitchen using the simplest and best ingredients she could find. This year marks our 25th anniversary, and we're proud we're still making good on Annie's promise that real food tastes better. We couldn't have gotten this far without you. Learn more about the history of Annie's and how our mac & cheese came to be!

Hop back in time with us!

For 25 years, goodness has been at the heart of everything we do—from our
real ingredients, to our great-tasting products to our sustainable business practices.

The Beginning of Annie's

Annie Withey cofounds the company to sell
delicious and healthy mac & cheese.

Mac & Cheese
Goes Organic

Our beloved first product, Mac & Cheese,
is also our first to go all organic.

Start Awarding
Agricultural Scholarships

We sow seeds of goodness by starting our
Sustainable Agricultural Scholarship Program.

Cheddar Bunnies
Hit Shelves

We launch the cheesy cracker to spread bunny
love to kids (and their parents) across the globe.

Mac Goes to
Organic Wheat

This year, we transition to using only organic
wheat for all of our mac & cheese.

Grants for Gardens

We believe every kid deserves a garden, so we
launch our program to help bring a garden to
every school.

Started Working With
the Non-GMO Project

We are proud to source only non-GMO
ingredients and support non-GMO labeling.

Annie's Goes Public

Annie’s debuts on the New York Stock Exchange (stock ticker: BNNY).

Annie’s Acquires First
Manufacturing Facility

We employ 130 residents in Joplin, Missouri, to make
our delicious food (like our Cheddar Bunnies!).

Dear Friend:
Letters from Annie

25 years later, Annie still writes the letters
on all our boxes, including our latest and
greatest products: frozen entrees and pizza.

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